Thursday, 1 March 2012

Date #29: The Final Date.

Date  29 of 29.

So... the final date. I decided for Date #29 I would choose one of the guys that I’ve already dated. You may be able to guess that I chose #16.  He seemed to just mesh with my life perfectly.  We decided to make dinner together at his house. Food is the way to my heart, so even though this broke my cardinal rule, I happily accepted.  

I cannot fault the evening. There was a lot of laughter, playing around while cooking and deep conversation about family history.  Then we decided to watch a movie. Wicker Park.   I was in such a state of joy during the film that I finally thought through this crazy blog I had found “the guy.” At that moment I could see myself being with him. 

Then it all just fell apart.  

Now I’ve gone on 29 dates and haven’t slept with a single one of them.  However, by the fricking THIRD DATE I expected it to advance a litte.  Am I wrong? We were lying in his bed watching the film, cuddling and kissing every now and then.  I remember thinking something didn’t feel right to me.  It just didn’t click.  His skin was just too soft, almost like a layer of wax.  That’s when I realised I had no desire to even see what was between his legs. After the film was over we started making out. It was nice. Then he gets up as things start to possibly go a bit further.  I asked if anything was wrong and he chose to respond with: “I just don’t feel like it.”   Yes.  You read that right. He didn’t FEEL like it. Now if he had said he was tired and had to get up early, then I would understand.  No, he chose those words to utter.   After that moment, I just lost all desire for him and I think we both realised our mutual lack of sexual chemistry.   We both certainly found each other attractive, but didn’t want to roll in ze hay.   While I think there is SO much more to a relationship than sex, if the passion isn’t there on the 3rd date then it won’t magically appear in the 3rd year.  

So here I am after 29 dates still completely single without the prospect of a boyfriend.  I may go on second dates with #2, #19 or #26, but I don’t think I will actively pursue them.  

This has been absolute roller coaster of a month, but I want you to know that due to popular demand I will not be leaving the blog world.  A new exciting blog on gay dating and culture (this time with videos) is in the works. I hope you all will switch over when it is created. 

Now... to the matter of my identity.  The blog is over so I think it is safe to reveal who I am.  My name is Bo and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana currently living in East London.  I’m an actor, aspiring writer/director who is currently waiting tables to pay the bills.  I am not your average gay. I don’t care if you have a six pack (I sure as hell don’t) and I do not talk about Brangelina or Britney.  Feel free to stalk me on twitter @Bo_Frazier where I will be posting about my new blog (as well as @29days29dates). Hopefully this is not the last you will hear from me. 

Until we rendezvous again,


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Date #28 An Odd Bird

NAME: An Odd Bird

AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer
TYPE: Trendy Asian (Chinese)


The penultimate date and a very strange one. I walked in and he had a very "put-off" vibe about him. There was an awkward 5 minutes while we waited for drinks when we didn't talk. Eventually we warmed up to each other and we actually started chatting. We talked about the normal "ex-pat" things and then he dropped the bomb. HE HAD A BOYFRIEND.

The way he dropped it was weird because he was quite nonchalant, but he couldn't resist looking to see my reaction. His way of making up for it was saying it was an open relationship. That term just grates on me. Just break up already. It's a rather common thing in the gay world, these open relationships. They are very strange to me so of course I had to ask 20 questions. I found out they had been dating for a year and while they connected mentally, it was not the same story in the bedroom. That is why he's on the gay GPS app. I made it very clear that I was not looking for "fun" so it turned into more of a friendly coffee.

He was another one who was in a 9-5 at 23, lead a very conservative life, had a life crisis, decided to move 6,000 miles away and became a different person. I can understand the appeal, but he went a bit extreme. To be truthful, he was a very interesting person. If we met under different circumstances, we may have gotten on better . . . but not today.

We were together for about 2 hours and there was no real chemistry, even in the friendship way. He kept inviting me to walk around with him and he took me to meet his friend at another coffee shop. That's the strange part. If I had just met a buy off the GPS app, I would never introduce him to one of my friends. Yet he did and it was awkward. They promptly went off to get drinks and I stayed to write the blog. He invited me along but I declined.

Tonight is the final date. I wanted # 29 to be special and I've chosen a certain someone to spend it with . . . I'm uber excited.


Until we rendezvous again,


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Date #27: The Boy From Oz

Date  27 of 29.

NAME: The Boy From Oz
AGE:  38
OCCUPATION:  Film Distribution
TYPE:  Tall Scruffy Runner
NATIONALITY:  Australian

Yet another guy shows up and looks nothing like his picture. This one, instead of being 30 lbs heavier, was 30 lbs lighter.  His picture made him look like this Australian hunk of a man, but he was just scrawny and slightly camp.  Immediately, I was put off by this and took an instant dislike to him.   If I were to see him out I would definitely think he was attractive because I typically go for skinnier guys, but tonight I was in the mood for something different. 

Walking to the bar, I couldn’t help but noticed his freshly laundered clothing smell. Usually I just can’t enough of it, but this time it was a certain type of detergent that brough back mad memories.  (Yes, I know it’s weird but smells bring back memories for me,  but not as much as music.) Automatically that was strike two.  

Then we sat down, started talking and he had a really nice persona, but was slightly skeezy and rather boring.  He talked a lot but not because I was provoking him, more in a very bragging way.  He’s rather wealthy and goes on 15 holidays a year evidently.  Why he felt the need to constantly remind me of his wealth, is beyond me.  I mean granted he’s 14 years older than me and hopefully by then I will be in the same position. But, I can guarantee I won’t be talking about it endlessly on a first date!  

I did had a rather bad day and I don’t think that was in his favour.  Tomorrow is the end of this blog.  I’m just trying to figure out what was the point and what it is exactly I gained (besides a potential boyfriend) because at this particular moment all that’s coming to mind is how empty my wallet is. 


Until we rendezvous again,


Monday, 27 February 2012

Date #26: Fellow Foodie

Date  26 of 29.
NAME: Fellow Foodie
AGE:  23
OCCUPATION:  Marketing
TYPE:  Just Adorable 
NATIONALITY: Lebanese born, German raised

Well sh*t. That’s all I can say. Here I am nearing the end of this stint and yet another amazing guy comes along.  We met and there was an instant connection.  The laughs were abundant from that gleaming smile of his and the conversation flowed.  We found that we have a common love of food.  Food is one thing that will always make me happy.  Yes I sound like a fat child, but it’s true.  At one point I even told him my embarrassing plan with my housemate to make a London map of  Nando’s and go to every branch in the  city... and he wasn’t turned off by that. 

This guy was really intriguing and I would really like to get to know him better.  He was adopted from Lebanon and grew up with German parents.  He spent significant amounts of time growing up in different places all over the world. I was completely jealous of his bilingual (verging on trilingual) upbringing.  I like the idea of a very international boyfriend.   

It was really nice talking to him tonight. For some reason, he just pulled stories and memories out of me that I hadn’t really shared to most guys.  This could be in a friendship type of way, but still it was nice.  After about 2 hours, he said he needed to finish a presentation for work tomorrow. I don’t know if that was true, but I didn’t get the vibe that he was trying to run away. He did say to let him know if I’d like to do this again soon and I think I want to.  Though I think that deep down it may be more of a friendship type relationship... this is when a 2nd date is appropriate.  

That being said, he is (unknowingly) Date #26 out of 29... I am running out of time and need to wrap up this social experiment in some way shape or form.  How I’m going to do this, I have not decided.  

LIKELIHOOD OF 2ND DATE: I’d like to...

Until we rendezvous again,


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Date #25: Scatter Brain

Date  25 of 29.

NAME: Scatter Brain
AGE:  31
OCCUPATION:  Radio Interviewer
TYPE: Pocket Gay. 

Let me just say that I am so unbelievably sick of going on dates with guys who used to be actors.  Once they find out that I’m actually still pursuing my dream, they just dump their regret on me and I am done with it.  Believe it or not, I have a life outside of theatre and I don’t like talking about acting 24/7.  

Scatter Brain (imagine the 34 year old version of Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace) invited me to go see a play with him tonight.  I don’t usually say yes to movies or plays as a first date, but for the sake of something other than dinner or coffee, I was up for it.  I got to the theatre and picked up the tickets that he had booked. I looked on them and they said “£0.00 COMP Tickets”.  He had told me they were £10.  Thank god I lost my credit card yesterday and had no money to give him to pay for the tickets, or else he would have basically made a profit from this date.  The cheek! It could be paranoia and maybe all the tickets say that, but it was all a bit sketchy.  He showed up barely  5 minutes before the curtain, so we had no time to talk.  I was basically watching this play with a stranger.  In the beginning he tried sitting really close to me and rubbing knees with me and I was just a bit put-off.  He did make a comment that he was happy I actually looked like my pictures.  

After the play (that had no interval) we find ourselves roaming around Dalston trying to find a place that will take his debit card to go for drinks. After about 20 minutes, we end up at Nando’s.  It was actually in NO WAY my idea, but I was not going to complain about free peri-peri chicken!   So we sat down, finally start to actually chat and it is like this guy is in a complete other world! His brain is all over the place, he rarely finished his sentences and made references to his friends and their conversations as if I knew his whole backstory.  The whole time I was just a bit dazed and confused. Every time I would say something it was as if he didn’t hear a word I said. He just kept expanding upon everything he said.  If I started a new conversation, he seemed to get distracted by a shiny object and blurt out something completely random.  He then proceeded to invite me back to his place when we were done with dinner. I shut that down right away and sent him on his merry little way.  

LIKELIHOOD OF 2ND DATE:  In his dreams. 

Until we rendezvous again,


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Date #24: Nothing Special.

Date  24 of 29.

NAME: Nothing Special
AGE:  29
TYPE: Blonde Scruffy Chap
NATIONALITY: South African

On paper this one was great. He was a really nice South African guy, I could tell he was fun, he loved theatre and had everything together.  When it came to any sort of chemistry, unfortunately there was none.  I don’t know whether it’s my own personal disconnect due to #16/#23 or what, but there was just nothing there. 

It was rather sad because he was definitely my type. H lived on my side of town and it really seemed like he would be a good guy to date.  I think that as I become more attached to #16/#23, I slowly become more detached and start to care less about putting myself out there. Like I said, I am one of those guys who puts all of his eggs in one basket. 

As we were leaving he mentioned something about seeing each other again this week. I wouldn’t mind it actually, but who knows. There’s not much more to say with this one. He wasn’t terribly crazy or outlandish and wasn’t even boring.... he was just nothing special.

Until we rendezvous again,


Friday, 24 February 2012

Date #23: Still Lovely

Date  23 of 29.

NAME: Still Lovely (See Date #16)
AGE:  30
OCCUPATION:  Architecture
TYPE: European Preppy
DATE RATING: 4 1/2 Stars

If you read my tweets, you would know I was terribly nervous for this. It was my first second date during the blog and I guess I had been going through the motions so much that when one came along that really mattered I went back to 14 year old crush mode.  

When we met at the tube station, the first few minutes were a bit awkward getting back into the swing of things. He also had a rough day at work so that didn’t help. We went to the theatre, got drinks and then it just went back to what it was last week.  Somehow I get on better with someone whose second language is English than the 100 other actual English guys I’ve been on dates with. 

We went to go see a new musical on press night done by a company I had worked with before.  I had a lot of friends in the audience so I took extra precaution and messaged them all before to explicitly tell them not to mention the blog. Thank god no one did.  I won’t go into details of the show as this isn’t a review blog.  

After the show, we chatted with friends and he just fit in SO WELL! Usually “normal” people don’t really understand theatre folk.  We can be a bit mental, but he just slid right into conversations like a pro.  When we had a moment apart, my past director said she could definitely see us together. That’s always a good sign.  A few minutes later, one of the actors asked if he was my “other half”... the first thing out of my mouth was “we’ll see”... Awkward.  

We may or may not have kissed on the way home. He may or may not have texted me saying that he enjoyed tonight. Either way, he’s still lovely. 


Until we rendezvous again,


Date #22: Blah

Date  22 of 29.

NAME: Blah
AGE:  31
OCCUPATION:  Website Manager
TYPE: Scrawny All-Saints
DATE RATING: 1 1/2 Stars

So I met with Blah during his lunch hour for coffee.  He seemed like a really nice guy online, but sometimes nice isn’t exciting.  He grew up in a suburb of London and now lives 5 minutes away from his family home and commutes into the city everyday.  He’s stable, sorted and lives on his own.  In some ways I envy guys like that because they never have to worry about life getting in the way or whether or not they can afford their monthly tube (subway) pass.  In his case though, he was completely devoid of any passions and arguably any personality either.  

Now I know that’s horrible to say, but not once throughout the date did he seem excited about anything or anyone. He has his life, his routines and was content.  I don’t think I could lead a life without passion.  While I am a “starving artist living my dream” I sometimes don’t know where my next meal is coming from, but at least I’m working towards a dream.  This guy was just going through the motions day in and day out. I think what he needs is more of a companion than a lover.   

While he was nice and never said anything offensive (besides the fact that he didn’t like Nando’s... and thats a deal breaker for me), I could tell that he wasn’t attracted to me.  There was no handshake or hug when meeting or leaving.  It could have just been nerves though.  I realised that I need a bit of excitement, a bit of a laugh and I don’t think I could get it with this one.  It’s not like he was all that into me anyways.  

In other news, tonight is my second date with Date #16.  I’m really rather excited. Is it weird that I’m more nervous about the second date than the first? 


Until we rendezvous again,


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Date #21: Subtle Scottish Arrogance

Date  21 of 29.

NAME: Subtle Scottish Arrogance
AGE:  24
OCCUPATION:  Researcher
TYPE: Tall Pale Nerdy trying to be stylish

I just could not be bothered (didn’t care) with this one.  We had been chatting for probably 5 months online and just never got around to meeting up, but today we finally did. I wish we didn’t.  From his pictures he looked SO nice and just my type.  Boy were they deceiving.  He was subtly bitchy and rather arrogant but tried to play it off with jokes.  He was just a bit humdrum.  

Recently, he had been seeing a guy for a bit and had just been broken up with.  Even though he kept saying how he was “fine” and okay”, I could tell it was not the case.  He went into this story about how he got hit on this past Monday and just tore into this guy and wasn’t having any of it.  All due to his past breakup. There were spouts of anger tied in with bitterness and it wasn’t pleasant.  His thick scottish accent didn't help. Throughout the date when he wasn’t talking about his recent break-up, it was different stories of guys hitting on him and being in love with him.  That is one of the biggest turn-offs for me. You obviously think you’re hot shit if you feel the need to tell me how often guys hit on you. 

It actually turns out that we’ve been on a date with the same guy.  It was one of the strangest dates I’d ever been on. I told him how he was a psycho asshole.  He told me how the guy said he was in love with him on their first date.  That confirmed his psychotic nature and brought back a horrid memory that I had forgotten until today.  Maybe I should play matchmaker and put those two back together. What a psycho arrogant love fest that would be... 


Until we rendezvous again,


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Date #20: The Original 17

Date  20 of 29.

NAME: The Original 17
AGE:  21
TYPE: Justin Long

This is the guy who would have been my Date 17, but cancelled on me.  I decided to give him a second chance and thank god I did, but it just keeps getting more complicated.  THREE amazing dates in a very close proximity.  I’m just torn, but I know it will all just work itself out... I hope.

Well on to the actual date.  He’s actually from Romania (again, another first), but strangely sounded completely American due to the fact that he learned English while watching American TV.  It was all a bit strange. He did feel AWFUL for cancelling,  it happened that he stayed out until 7am and we were scheduled a 10am coffee.  I totally understood and forgave him, though I did give him some sh*t for it at first.  He made up for it and took me to dinner in Soho.  It was absolutely wonderful.

There was an instant connection and we just clicked.  Boy can he talk! It wasn’t annoying, actually it was rather nice not having to talk about myself for a while.  He did say later how I barely said anything, so I tried to mend that.  I will say that he is a bit young in many ways.  He is earning more money than me with a paid internship in IT.  In a way he is temporarily more stable than me, but he still has another year of uni to complete in Manchester.  He also regrets giving up acting by going into IT and spoke a fair bit of how he misses it.  

We ended the evening with a walk along the South Bank. It was really great spending time with him... and he smelled nice.

So... what do I do? Date 16, 19 and 20 have all been amazing and for very different reasons.  Please, someone give me advice! If I ride the wave and wait until they text me first, maybe they will think I’m not interested?! I just don’t know.  They are all very different in so many ways. Which one would be better for me? But again, I must not get too hasty...


Until we rendezvous again,


Monday, 20 February 2012

Date #19: Hollywood Hottie

Date  19 of 29.

NAME: Hollywood Hottie
AGE:  25
TYPE: Scruffy Gorgeous 

This is probably the hottest man I’ve ever been on a date with, and by hot I mean a conventional movie star hottie. Ryan Reynolds meets Robert Pattinson.  He is also the type of guy that I’ve always dreamt of dating; a normal guy who just happens to be gay.  If you met him, you would never know he was gay.  

Before the date, I told my friend that I was scared because he was so “out of my league” and she told me to shut up.  We met and he was so much hotter in person.   I was weary since he didn’t smile in any of his pictures so I thought his teeth might be manky but they were proper hollywood teeth... and he’s british.  In the first few minutes, I was still worried that he would just walk away, but he didn’t. The whole time I had to keep telling myself to play it cool.  It truly felt like I was Tracy Turnblad on the first date with Link Larkin (Google: Nicky Blonsky and Zac Efron in Hairspary).  I know that’s a bit drastic, but that’s what it felt like.  On the inside I was just freaking out at how well the date was going. However, I’m worried that if we started dating I would just feel so insecure and inadequate when I’m with him.  He’s THAT hot. 

Not only was he gorgeous, but HE HAD A PERSONALITY! He was extremely nice, fun to joke with and he even had a few embarrassing “human” moments that I loved. Basically anything but what I expected.  He did judge me when I told him I liked MasterChef, but that’s okay.  

I won’t really go into his acting career, but he is one of the lucky few to be a working actor without years of actor training or wait tables to pay his bills.  Every so often he’ll get a big commercial and be set for months.  Lucky bastard. 

We left the coffee shop and walked to the station.  We got to his platform and he suggested we see each other again this week.  I was (and still am) in complete and utter disbelief.  That was the first moment that I lost my cool. What did I do, you ask? I literally said "you want to see me again?" after he made the suggestion. Not cool. He gave me a look as if to say "Of course, why wouldn't I?" When he walked off (after a good hug and kiss on the cheek) my heart just started RACING! Honestly...  I just could not believe it.  

This is what I was worried about by doing this blog. There are a few amazing guys that I’d like to see again. Let’s not get hasty though, I will just have to ride the wave and see where things go. It will all work out in the end.  I think maybe the novelty of such a gorgeous guy could wear off... but then again he had an actual personality. *sigh*

LIKELIHOOD OF 2ND DATE: I don’t know if my heart could handle it, but I hope so!

Until we rendezvous again,


Date #18: Puta Que Pariu

Date  18 of 29.

NAME: Puta Que Pariu 
AGE:  32
OCCUPATION: In between jobs
TYPE: Average

I didn’t know too many of the basic things before meeting this guy. From his pictures he looked like a businessman and very english. I should have asked him where he was from.. he walked up and starting talking and all I heard was the Brazilian accent.  I have nothing against Brazilians, I work with about 3,000 of them, but they are just very hard to understand sometimes.  They can be some of the most fun people on the earth (YouTube: Brazilian Carnivals. Wow.) but I seem to have ended up with the one that turned out to be boring. 

He enjoys theatre, traveling and such but it was another case of the conversation dying after 45 minutes.  Maybe I’m not good at conversing with guys that don’t peak my interest, but I can’t keep blaming it on their boring personalities, can I?  

During the middle of the date, in walked 2 of my friends from drama school.  I was so worried they were going to mention the blog so I quickly suggested we take a walk.  After our date, I came back to chat with them.  London is just too small.  To be fair, I should probably stop meeting guys in central areas.


Until we rendezous again,


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Date # 17: WTF?

Date  17 of 29.

AGE:  27
OCCUPATION: Receptionist Manager
TYPE: Dungeons and Dragons Gay

So... I was on the bus to meet the original Date 17, when I get a text saying that he couldn’t come.  He apologised profusely and said he was “mortified to do this” so I figured that I would forgive him. He seemed nice and rather cute. Maybe I shall give him a second chance?

I was already halfway to our chosen coffee shop, so I decided to go there anyway and write this blog.  I quickly went on to “the app” and found a replacement. It just so happened a guy who I’ve previously chatted with was free this morning. That is how you do it! Thanks Gay GPS! =D

Now... imagine a scrawny, pale guy who’s into sci-fi yet loves the gay scene, always extremely horny and thinks he’s uber sexy when he’s not.  THAT’S who I had coffee with this morning.  I’m certainly glad I didn’t have a lot of time because I don’t know if I could have stomached it.   

He seemed nice in the beginning, used to be an actor and we had a little chat about that.  The conversation then took a quick turn and his inner nympho came out. No matter what we talked about, it all ended up coming back to sex. I don’t mind talking about sex, but not at 10:30 on a Sunday morning with a sci-fi geek.  It was all a bit too much. At one point he even jokingly suggested that we go into the bathroom.  I declined and quickly changed the subject.   

Then he told me about how he used to stalk Josh Groban after his shows just to look at his cute butt. After that he revealed he hates Nicki Minaj’s face, wants to slice off her cheeks, pluck off her lips and cut her open... then moved on to how excited he is to watch a new sci-fi show from The States.   To his defense, he did say it’s better to get the crazy out on the first date rather than saving it for later.  At least he knows he’s off his rocker.

This date was short and thank god for that. He invited me to come out with him to a jazz night at a gay bar on the 29th.  I think there are better ways to spend the last day of my gay dating extravaganza.  
In other news, I have schedule my first SECOND DATE! Can you guess who it is with? 


Until we rendezvous again,


Friday, 17 February 2012

Date #16: Lovely

Date  16 of 29.

NAME: Lovely 
AGE:  30
TYPE: European Preppy
DATE RATING: 4 1/2 Stars

Wow. First off, I can honestly say this is the first Slovakian I’ve ever met.  He looked a bit more Italian/Spanish, but once he opened his mouth I heard his subtle sexy Eastern European accent and melted.  Being in the UK for 12 years, he’s lost a bit of it but it was definitely not British.  If I’m being honest, I kind of liked that. (Don’t be mad) 

We went to one of my favourite lesser known pubs in Central London that I hadn’t been to in a while. We sit down and there was an immediate chemistry and a good balance  between small talk, jokes and a bit of sarcasm.  He is doing his life in reverse of me.  In his late teens/early twenties he moved around and travelled. When he turned 24 and decided he needed to go to Uni.  He’s 30 now, still at Uni but has a head on his shoulders.  That’s my kind of student.  

I don’t want to jinx it, but I really liked this one and I think he felt the same way. Throughout all of these dates I’ve lost the plot a bit and can’t tell if they actually like me romantically or not. It’s become a bit more of a tiring machine than an organic romantic process.  I regained my humanness on this date and it was nice. There were definite awkward moments but then a few sexual ones as well.. and it doesn’t hurt that he’s bloody gorgeous! 

Yesterday I made a rule that I wouldn’t be the first one to contact any of these 29 guys. Tonight he texted me on the way home and thanked me for a lovely evening. He said lovely. I say lovely. I love the word lovely. I want to see him again. He works at Starbucks on Saturdays... maybe I’ll pop in for a Caramel Frappuccino.

The craziest part is that 16 is my lucky number. I didn’t even realise it was Date #16 until I typed it up tonight. 

LIKELIHOOD OF 2ND DATE: Me thinks so... 

Until we rendezvous again,


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Date #15: Young and Full of Ideas

Date  15 of 29.

NAME: Young and Full of Ideas
AGE:  24
TYPE: Skater/Trendy

So before I get into Date #15, I thought I would give you the latest update on Lucky Number 13.  He was definitely my favourite so far and we’ve been casually texting back and forth since the initial date. I get a text tonight asking how I was and then he drops the bomb that he is freshly single and would like to see me again as friends. AS FRIENDS. The bane of my existence.  If I had a pound for every time a guy has said that to me since being in the UK, I would be wealthier than Donald Trump. No joke. This is one of the reasons I’m doing the blog. Why do I keep getting the same reaction from every single British guy that I date? Just friends. Fresh out of a relationship. Not ready. Those excuses can shove it.  What did I do to feel better? I Went to a bar, requested “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and belted my face off.  It felt good.  However, I’m choosing to be optimistic... I still have 14 more dates.

On to the topic at hand.  This guy had 100 bonus points from the get go. It was his idea to go for a pancake date at The Breakfast Club.  A for originality. I love pancakes and cute guys, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. He was a difficult one to figure out though. I didn’t know exactly what he would look like in person from the pictures he sent, but he seemed reasonably nice and cute.  I showed up and discovered that he was rather short. I’m 6ft so that automatically just puts us in an awkward hugging position.  

We go into the restaurant and start talking about what he’s studying and why I came to the UK. I’ve said it so many times that it just slips out of my mouth so easily.  We then get into interesting territory.  For being 24, he was still had a very 19 year old student mentality and it was a bit hard to have a conversation with him. We somehow moved from interior design and eclectic furniture to his weird theories on life.  He believes that a person will become whatever society tells them to become. His example was if someone named their child “Butch” they would turn out to be a very rough and tough guy with tattoos and such.  Unfortunately, I had to strongly disagree with him.  This weird version of self-fulfilling prophecy made me rather heated.  I don’t know what it is with this week but it’s the stream of debate dates.  This one, however, was much friendlier and didn’t have a stick up his arse.  I later found out that his “coming out” story was similar to his theory.  He hooked up with a guy, that guy told everyone and then he “became” this roaring homo in secondary school due to his peers perception of gay men. In his case, yes his theory is true, but it couldn’t be less true in my case. 

The end of the date was fine. We parted our separate ways.  I think I’ve decided to wait until I hear from the guy to make a move for a 2nd date. If he doesn’t want to, then he can just walk on.  I’ve also discussed this with my friends and mum, they’ve decided that I need an older man.  I think that’s what I will try for a few dates and see what happens. 

LIKELIHOOD OF 2ND DATE: Meh. Don’t really care. 

Until we rendezvous again,


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Date #14: Pompous Twat

Date  14 of 29.

NAME: Pompous Twat
AGE:  29
TYPE: Balding Buggy-Eyed 
DATE RATING:  2  Stars

First off I've had a few comments so I thought I'd acknowledge them.  I didn’t schedule a date yesterday.  There was just no way I was going to go on a first date on Valentine’s Day. But do not worry, there will be 29 dates.

Now... today’s was one of the strangest dates I’ve ever been on.  It wasn’t because the guy’s personality was overly weird, but just what happened during.  Pompous Twat is a PhD student at a prestigious university.  He is writing his dissertation on something that no one in their right mind would care to read. Granted, it has never been studied before and there is a reason for that.

We met at a lovely coffee shop that I have never been to and I find out ten minutes into the date that he is “seeing” a guy who I happen to have been chatting with online dating.  I just had to tell him and strangely enough he was fine with it.  I just found the whole situation a bit odd. I wanted to crawl away and leave at that moment.  Instead we kept chatting. He seemed nice at the beginning, but his inner asshole subtly snuck in about halfway through the date.  He asked me if I went out clubbing much and I told him why I choose not to. Basically it boils down to my insecurities and bad past experiences. Then we start to chat about why I’m single. He actually had the audacity to say “I don’t know why. You’re good looking AND you can hold a conversation!” as if that’s a COMPLIMENT! Who says that?! Do I look like I wouldn’t be able to talk about anything other than shopping and Paris Hilton?! That sad thing is this isn’t the first time I’ve been told this by British men.  I really don’t understand. 

Towards the end, we started discussing things in the world. Politics (not my favourite subject), theatre and love etc.  It was then that I discovered he was one of those academic assholes that argues just to argue. He just wanted to be a fire starter to get a rise out of me. After a few rounds of this I decided I’d had enough. What a prick. 


Until we rendezvous again,


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

V Day.

So today is Valentine's Day. The day of love.

Unfortunately, there will be no date entry today.  Not only am I working from 12 to 12 today, but I also didn't want to put any pressure on someone if we happened to have a date on this day. Do not worry though, there will still be 29 dates. Everyone can take a day off can't they?

Until we rendezvous again,



Monday, 13 February 2012

Date #13: Lucky Number 13

Date  13 of 29.

NAME:   Lucky Number 13
AGE:  28
TYPE: Geek Chic
DATE RATING:  4 1/2  Stars

From a reader’s point of view, I can see how you would think that I’ve been on a string of good dates, and I have. Each just had a little something missing. Tonight was the date that just clicked. The spark was there and it was amazing.  We met, found a bar, had a bottle of wine and before we knew it 3 hours had passed.  I learned so much about him and he brought so much out of me that I hadn’t thought of for a long time.  It was just brilliant.  He seemed rather reserved at first but about 2 hours in, his sassy side came out with his references to his “wives at work” and past experiences.  It was a bit odd though, he said his family has never (in his memory) had a true fight. Even his friends comment on how “normal” his family seems. I don’t know how I feel about that. Fights are a just a part of life. Isn't it more out of the ordinary for people to go through life without getting into a row even once? 

The true sign of our future together is that we both have tortoise shell Ray Bans. Everyone has their inner Material Girl.  It’s the little things. I walked away with butterflies after an amazing kiss goodnight. This is the first time that I was actually worried as to what he’d think if and when he found out that this was all a part of a blog... I wonder what he would say? Will this all become pointless when my “match” finds out that he started out as just an experiment? 

With that thought, I shall retire thinking of him.  


Until we rendezvous again,



Sunday, 12 February 2012

Date #12: Expect the Unexpected

Date  12 of 29.

NAME:   Expect the Unexpected 
AGE:  23
OCCUPATION: Dancer/Model
TYPE: Soho Trendy

The reason I’ve titled him Expect the Unexpected is because this guy is not only deaf, but he is a dancer. I just admire him so much.  He has not let anything get in his way of doing what he loves.  I will admit that because of this, I was more nervous to meet this guy than any of the others.  Walking to the coffee shop (which was finally NOT a Starbucks) I was taking deep breaths and reassuring myself that this would be a good experience no matter what happened.  I walked downstairs, quickly spotted him (big blonde curly hair) and he just smiled and gave me a massive hug.  Immediately he asked me how I was and what I wanted to drink.  Inside I felt a huge sigh of relief.  There was a major part of me that thought we wouldn’t be able to have a conversation, but he put my mind to ease and my nerves just went out the window. 

Before I continue, I must let you know this is the first guy that knew about the blog.  He tweeted about the blog, I went to his profile and I knew I had to go on a date with him.  It was such a relief to be able to talk openly about everything.  Since this is such a big part of my life currently, I always want to talk about it because I’m rather excited, but I’ve had to keep it secret. 

Isn’t it strange how the best conversation came from the one who can’t hear.   Our topics just flowed seamlessly from theatre, God, Celine Dion, the afterlife, musicals to our coming out stories... it was all just so effortless.  Yes, we did talk about the Madonna Super Bowl performance for the third date out of 29, and no I’m not the one that brings it up every time.  It was nice how he was completely open with talking about being deaf and it made me feel really comfortable.  Ironically, he was far easier to understand than Date #11. 

We over extended our stay at the coffee shop (it closed) and went bowling. His suggestions was so random, but I just love spontaneous outings.   He won, but I still had so much fun. Not once on the date did I have the urge to kiss him, and sadly I’m rather bummed about that.  He and I just got on seamlessly as mates and I would absolutely love to see him again. We talked about going to see DV8 at The National Theatre.  I hope we do.  

This date was absolutely wonderful. We ended with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He then slipped me his business card (See Date #1).  It was hilarious. I like his sense of humour and I really hope I see this guy again. 

Likelihood of 2nd Date: Certainly

Until we rendezvous again,



Saturday, 11 February 2012

Date #11: All Picture, No Sound

Date  10 of 29.

NAME:   All Picture, No Sound 
AGE:  23
OCCUPATION: Accountant
TYPE: Beardy Bookish Beauty

Out of all my dates so far, this one was probably the biggest disappointment.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (one being Shrek and 10 being gorgeous) he would be a 9.5.  At first glance, everything about him was just beau.ti.ful.  He had a slim toned body, scruffy beard, striking green eyes and a lovely smile but lordy . . . once he opened his mouth, it all went out the window.   

This was the first of my dates with a non Brit.  He was Italian, e cosi bello!  He had a weird English-Italian accent that was quite difficult to understand at some points.  It didn’t help that he talked extremely fast, almost as if his mouth was struggling to keep up with his brain.  Somehow the conversation wandered between problems with his bank over his ID card (riveting) to Madame Bovary and I still can’t tell you how we got from point A to B.  From an insane reenactment of him yelling at bank employees that his European ID was valid anywhere in the EU (again, riveting) to talking about different types of carriages in 19th Century France.  I just nodded and smiled the entire afternoon.   I think I said a total of 5 sentences the entire time.  Boy could he ramble on and on about nothing.  I found I had to force a laugh to appear interested but to be honest, I had no idea what he was talking about most of the time. 

Despite all the things I didn’t like about Mr. Bello Italiano, I was so utterly attracted to him physically that I have to admit I was tempted to invite him home with me.  What can I say...he was hot and I’m human!  Hey, he can’t talk if we’re making out, right??  In the end I resisted.  I did set rules for myself when I started this blog.

If I’m going to play, I’ll play by the rules.  

Likelihood of a 2nd date: I doubt it... 

Until we rendezvous again, 


Friday, 10 February 2012

Date #10: God I Hope I Get It

Date  10 of 29.
NAME:   God I Hope I Get It
AGE:  23
OCCUPATION: Dancer/Retail Manager
TYPE:  TopMan Model
DATE RATING:  3 1/2 Stars

This date had the biggest turn around from initial judgements to how I felt when we said goodbye.  At first glance, I felt like I could just see the disappointment in his eyes... people do always tell me that I “photograph well”.  Does that mean that I’m ugly in person?   Then I go in for a hug that turned out to be the most unenthusiastic hug of my life.  I literally sent a text to my best friend saying “this one is going to be a knob.” 

We finally sat down and I did not get a good vibe. It just seemed like he wanted to be anywhere but here and he even proceeded to half-jokingly say “I’m not going to a museum, f*** off” since I had previously suggested we venture to a museum after coffee.  Guess not! After that comment it suddenly dawned on me he was that dry, sassy and sarcastic gay guy that you see in films. I then tuned into this, played along and the date took a complete 180.  If you knew me, you’d probably say I’m a sassy guy, but for some reason I never tap into that side of me on first dates. This also goes back to how I think you can never really get to know someone on the first date.  Every new date, you can kind of pick-and-choose your personality traits and decide how you want to be personified for each different guy.  The sarcastic American hasn’t come out in ages, but this is the weapon I had to unleash to fight back.  When I did, the banter flowed.  It was when he looked on his phone to show me some music that we realised we had been chatting for 2 1/2 hours. Time flies... 

We have very similar tastes in music, laughed about the fabulous mess that was the Madonna Super Bowl show (this time it was me re-enacting her weird push-up leg trick with LMFAO) and had similar obsessions with certain reality TV shows.  However, he did not approve of my love of cooking shows and Food Network. He would have to learn to deal with my obsession with Barefoot Contessa and MasterChef if we 
continued to date.  We also share similar life stories,  both performers working dead end jobs to make ends meet. Can two starving artists make a good match?  Why is it that I only connect with the same kind of guy? Younger - Check. Performer - Check. No Money - Check. I have told myself  OVER AND OVER (and my mother concurs) that I need to date older. My life is in order, I’m on my way to being “sorted” and my career is on the right track.  Is it too much to ask for a professional man who enjoys the arts, food, traveling and has a spontaneous and spastic side to them? 

However, I would really like to see God I Hope I Get It again. (100 points if you get the name reference.) When we went our separate ways in the tube station, he looked at me and said “aww” (in an “I don’t want to leave” sort of way) and proceeded to give me a VERY enthusiastic hug followed by a kiss on the cheek.  He even tried to stand on his tiptoes to be taller than me.  Cute.  At the beginning of the date I created an “escape clause” and said that I had friends coming over so the date wouldn’t last too long.  On my way home, I regretted making that statement and wished we had gone on an adventure.  Maybe that’ll teach me not to lie... 

Likelihood of a 2nd date: Yes, please. 

Until we rendezvous again,


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Date #9: Possible Sugar Daddy?

Date  9 of 29.

NAME:  Possible Sugar Daddy? 
AGE:  47 (yes... nearly twice my age)
OCCUPATION: Customer Relations
TYPE:  Drag Queen on his day off... yet with a FIT body

This entry is a bit interesting for 2 reasons: 
  1. Because I am completely wasted right now and
  2. I am having to have my friend scribe this for me so the blog remains coherent and rational.
To start off, we decided to meet at a pub that unbeknownst to me turned out to be a gay establishment.  I immediately got uncomfortable as I always do in gay settings. Those beady judging eyes on you.  You never know what they’re thinking… UNLESS you see them having a conversation about you when they’re only 10 feet away. Just imagine for a second... I’m dancing in a gay club in when I look over and see:

“What about him? With the dickie bow?” as he points at me and makes a gesture of a bow tie.
To which the remotely attractive gay guy responded “Oh god no!”

Yes. That actually happened. 

Anyway, when he first showed up he didn’t look quite like his picture. You assume with older men that they will always appear younger in their pictures. (This guy had mainly shirtless pictures showing off his rather nice physique.) He walked in and was quite a bit more “old man camp” than I imagined, but I was fine with that. He gave me a hug and I got a whiff of powder... yes make-up powder (I only know what it smells like because I’m an actor).  He had a very meek demeanour that many of the British possess, which is starting to grate on me.  Many times I had to say “sorry?” to try to get him to speak up. He was really lovely. I was his first date in a few months since he moved back to the UK from spending a year abroad.  He said he was rather nervous because of this.  The 47 year old was nervous to meet the 24 year old!? What’s wrong with this picture? 

We had a great conversation and after one drink we moved to a Spanish Tapas restaurant. THIS is when it started to get messy! We decide to get a JUG of Sangria…which seemed like a good idea at the time. We ordered tapas (algunos estaban mal, pero otros eran muy delicioso), ate them and proceeded to talk about his better days.  It seems that older gay men tend to live in the past of their glory days instead of living “in the now”.  He also went on to show me pictures of his 30 year old self in a “Mr. Gay UK” contest in just a speedo.  Let’s just say if that man came up to me in a bar…I’d be a little more turned on.

Then I found out that he has always dated younger men and he's never been with anyone over 25. He didn’t “come out” until his mid-twenties, and then his first boyfriend was 18.  Since then, he’s gotten older but his boyfriends have stayed the same age.  I think this says a lot about a man - do they think it will make them feel young?   Maybe certain men just like being the father figure and caregiver...but what always happens in the end? Either the sugar daddy keels over and the twinkie gets a fortune, or the little slut boy finds someone his own age to play with in the sandlot. 

Throughout this whole date I couldn’t help but miss a previous older man that I dated last year. I will title him Golden Oldie.  I will be honest, we chatted heavily on and off for about 3 months before we actually found a day that we could meet. The chemisty we had on our first date is what I’m trying to recreate in these 29 dates.  It was just phenomenal. When we first met, we were both a bit nervous.  This blossomed into mutual interest and amazing conversation about anything and everything. It was just perfect. We then went up to his hotel room, had some lovely Marriott coffee and cuddled. I ended up staying the night, purely due to the fact that it was too late to get home. We may have messed around, but it didn’t go too far. He then got up at 5 a.m. and went to the hotel gym and later, I woke up alone in the bed, but with a note on the pillow telling me where he was. He got ready for work and I left for home. 

Now you ask what ever happened to him?  I honestly don’t know. After an AMAZING first date, he disappeared. He later told me he had an ex-wife and kids in France and was off visiting them for 3 weeks.  I was completely fine with that and he told me that all the guys in the past got freaked out and left when they found this out. So why, when I was accepting of who he was, did he push me away? I will never know. 

Wow... bring it back to the matter at hand. Possible Sugar Daddy.  The night ended well. We proceeded to get another jug of Sangria and I got wasted. Completely wasted. He walked me to the tube and said he wanted to see me again. I think I will but I might feel guilty that I don’t have romantic feelings for him. Though can you actually ever tell on a first date? 

All in all, I’m not even sure how I made it home. As soon as I did though, I marched upstairs, jumped into my roommates bed and rolled around wailing about Golden Oldie. I’m a bit upset that she’s making me post this blog right now when all I want to do is go to bed. I’m interested to see what she scribed for me in the morning. I hope I don’t have a hangover…

Until we rendezvous again,

GoodbyeUntilTomorrow (and his roommate Bean)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Date #8: Nice

Date  8 of 29. 

NAME: Nice 
AGE:  30
OCCUPATION: Freelance Media Coordinator 
TYPE: Tall and Scruffy

WOW. What a breath of fresh air! From the moment he walked into Starbucks, I could tell he had such a wonderful energy.  He gave me a nice hug and asked me if I was “behaving.” A rather odd question, but I liked it. Out of all the dates he’s certainly what I would classify as “my type”...  tall, scruffy, nice smile, didn’t try too hard with fashion and just had a nice aura about him. 

I had already gotten my tea and he went up and ended up only getting a bottle of water because he was trying to be healthy.  Weird because he’s rather skinny. He proceeded to ask me where I was from, then asked if I had seen Madonna’s Super Bowl performance. I told him I thought it was a mess and he proceeded to get up in the middle of Starbucks and reenact what he called her “chicken dance” moves. That’s the kind of guy I love, someone who is not afraid to make a fool of himself. He had me in stitches in the first 5 minutes. Good on ya. 

We decided not to stay in Starbucks and moved on to walk around the shopping mall. Walking around, we talked about anything and everything. It was nice talking to a guy with a subtle northern accent. Lush. We skipped into a few stores, found loads of stuff we wanted to buy at TopMan (I like their spring stuff), and then found a bowling alley IN THE MALL. I kind of wish we had been spontaneous and bowled a few rounds, but oh well. Maybe next time? 

I honestly do not have any gripes or complaints about this guy. He said he wanted to go for drinks soon and I definitely that happens.  As per usual with British men, I can never tell if our connection was on a romantic or friendship level. While I found him attractive, I don’t know if there was a sexual chemistry between us. If he turns out to be a good friend, I’m fine with that too! He does work in TV... could work to my advantage. 

Likelihood of a 2nd date: Definitely. 

Until we rendezvous again,


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Date #7: Randy

Date  7 of 29. 
NAME:  Randy. 
AGE:  Early Forties...? 
OCCUPATION: Accountant
TYPE:  Unassumingly gay middle-aged man
DATE RATING:  2  Stars (because he was entertaining) 

This one started off on the wrong foot and it was completely my fault. I showed up about 20 minutes late and I felt awful,  especially with how I’ve complained about it in the previous entries.  It was partly due to me leaving the house at the last minute and the tube lines stalling for a while before I reached my destination. He could have picked somewhere a bit more convenient, but I should have left earlier. Ah well. 

I walked out of the gates and I immediately spotted him waiting there in his suit. From first glance I would NEVER think he was gay and I wrote him off as a middle class accountant.  I especially wouldn’t associate his appearance with his personality. Just goes to show...  Having apologised for my late arrival, he slightly joked that “tardiness will not be accepted” as he did have a meeting in a short while. I didn’t know if he would hold it against me, but it seemed like he got over it.  We walked down the road and chose this completely empty Turkish/British cafe.  From the street it looked a bit dodgy, but the menu was decent.  Since no-one was there,  we had our pick of seats and quickly chose our food. That’s when he set off.  

He was a talker. Not to the likes of Date #2 (Motormouth), but right up there with him. It was a very different sort of talk. A bit self-centered but not overly so. Every once in a while he did ask me a questions and get my opinion on matters.  He was sporting a purple tie, scarf and matching socks.  I don’t know what it is about british businessmen but they LOVE colourful socks.  As if that’s the only way they express their inner homo wanting to unleash itself on the world. It’s all a bit odd. He is definitely not the bumbling boring accountant that I would have expected.  Turns out that he does amateur dramatics, and I secretly think that he wishes he was acing professionally rather than living the life of an accountant.  It was good talking to him about theatre and such and he got more excited talking about his first play than he did about anything else.  Well, not everything... which leads me to my next observation. 

Have you seen the movie Shame? Where Michael ‘Sexy’ Fassbender’s character is a sex addict and no-one at work knows it?  That’s kind of how I see Randy’s life.  While he did say that everyone at work knows he’s gay, I don’t think he lets the overtly crude and randiness come out around the office.  Judging from his sporadic sexual innuendos, I think deep down Randy is a sex addict. From comments about being jewish and how I could “find out first hand later” if I wanted, to his chosen parting remarks being (half) jokingly “wanna shag?”, it was all a bit too much.  He may not live to the high degree like the character in Shame, but I’d be willing to bet he has a stash of “barely legal” porn on his work computer. 

Now... I fully understand that British humour is different from American and I can deal with that. I know crude jokes like this are common, but on the first date? Really?  I (un)reluctantly declined his offer to “shag”.  During the date it seemed like we were just having a laugh.  It wasn’t until I reflected back that I realised how subtly creepy it all was.  I can say that there definitely was not a dull moment, but I don’t think we will be going on a second date. 

Until we rendezvous again,


Monday, 6 February 2012

Date #6: Mr. Nice

Date  6 of 29. 

NAME:  Mr. Nice
AGE:  30
OCCUPATION: Hospitality
TYPE:  Preppy Nerd
DATE RATING:  3 Stars... but not romantically

This entry may be a bit shorter than in the past because it’s completely drama free.  It was rather refreshing to go out with a guy who didn’t have necessarily a strong personality... a guy who was just nice, yet not boring at all. 

From his pictures I kind of expected him to be a cocky shite (which I have to say was rather attractive to me).  He ended up being incredibly nice and definitely looked like his pictures, but had a different aura than I thought he would. Is there such a thing as "too nice"? 

Now... Trying to learn from my observations from previous dates... I wanted to bring out my true personality. But, in an effort to be my “true self” I ended up just talking about me... for about an hour. It was partly due to his inquisitive nature, but I realised that about halfway through the date I hadn’t asked him a single question.  I quickly made up for it and found out a bit more about him. It turns out that he is good friends with a successful actress who went to my drama school! He’s an avid theatre lover, which is really nice to see. It is rare to have valid theatre discussions with a non-actor. 

It’s sad to say that there was a mutual feeling of friendship between us.  During our 2 hour date we didn’t stop chatting even once.  I would absolutely love to to go to the theatre with him and hang out, but I’m afraid there was no physical romantic attraction. 

For this date, I requested that we meet at a coffee shop due to my recent lack of funds. We did but, I was a bit put off at the end when it came time to pay our coffee bill. We went up to the till and he said he’d like to pay for the americano. I had a flat white.  Now, wouldn’t you think a 30 year old with a stable job would foot the 2 pound more to pay for a poor 24 year old struggling actor’s coffee? Am I wrong? Maybe it’s just me... going Dutch is proving to be fashionable. 

While it was a completely lovely coffee, I don’t see us moving forward romantically. If he asked me to go see Matilda for the 2nd time then I would. Otherwise... 

Until we rendezvous again, 



Sunday, 5 February 2012

Date #5: Knob

Date  5 of 29. 

NAME: Knob 
AGE: Who cares 
OCCUPATION: Head of Wanker Dept for TV
TYPE: I will never know. 


Does anything else need to be said? I sat in Starbucks for about an hour waiting for him. No Call. Nothing. Then I message him on the app and he replied with “What the f***? I was in Starbucks under the DLR”... which is exactly where I was - I’m not that hard to spot. What a twat. 

I should have known this would be the guy to stand me up. After exchanging pictures he says “Nice. Shame about that jumper (sweater) though.” He was referring to the Christmas jumper in one of my pictures that EVERYONE loves and compliments me on. “It’s not my cup of tea, mate” he said. Judging from your bad Jersey Shore style t-shirt in your picture, I wouldn’t trust your taste “mate.” 

I didn’t let this stop me so I went back on the app and found another date!  

Until we rendezvous again,


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Date #4: Everything in Common, Yet Nothing to Say

Date  4 of 29. 

NAME: Everything in Common, Yet Nothing to Say
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Stage Manager
TYPE: Normal British Guy (I don’t know how to better describe it better)

Before I even start to talk about this horrific date, I have to share with you what happened on the way there. I was on the tube and was sitting on the seats facing the platform, thus I could see who was getting on the train.  Guess who was standing directly in front of me when the train stopped... Date #2 : Motormouth. You can’t write this shit!  I got a little frightened that he would somehow figure out what I was doing, but that was a bit stupid. We exchanged a hug and kiss on the cheek and he immediately went into this high energy story of how he hasn’t seen his friend in a year and how she’s always giving excuses (cue googley eyes).  I then had to get off the train because I was meeting my best friend at a pub that “she” suggested.  This encounter confirmed the sneaking suspicion I had of us just being good friends. We could definitely carry on a convo but it was pure friendliness. He then texted me later saying that he’d like to meet up again. Maybe. 

Now, I had high hopes for Date #4.  We had everything going for us. We’re both in theatre,  he likes musicals and his friend stage managed a past production that I was in at drams school. Not only this, but he was completely my type; tall and scruffy. It was great.  Judging from our previous conversations, we seemed to click. Wrong! This just goes to show that you can never tell from online chatting.  Hence the name. We had NOTHING to talk about.  There would be an exchange of a comment, a reply and then dead silence for about 2 minutes. He went to the loo TWICE during our date (which lasted a mere 45 minutes, including walking to the pub and waiting to get drinks). In all honesty, it was my turn to buy the next round of drinks, but I sure as hell didn’t want to if I had to endure another 20-30 minutes of this! In the words of my best friend... “It was absolutely mortifying.” And it was.

I’m never the one to actually end anything properly. I never say “we should do this again” or “well I think I ought to be going”.  I’m always the one to nod and agree. This time,  after a few minutes of silence when he said he should probably go (and I quote) due to his lack of energy from work... Whether or not it was true, I was glad he said it and I didn’t argue. 

For those who know me, this may come as a bit of a shock but I’m a pushover when it comes to dating. I’m completely indecisive as to where to go, what to do and what I want to drink or eat. It’s like when I get around a guy my strong personality suddenly takes a back seat to indecision.  These dates have made me realise this and it’s something I want to work on. 

While I’m worried that I will run into him somewhere along the way (London theatre is a small world), I don’t think we ended on bad terms.  

Likelihood of 2nd date: Are you joking? 

Until we rendezvous again,